What people are saying about TWSE

Christy Crow | President Alabama State Bar Association


"Willie Spears understands what it takes to build a winner.  His approach produces a winning culture.  It's all about attitude!"

Dr. John Ed Mathison | John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries


"Willie is a great speaker.  He can shuck the corn!  He even motivated the Methodist."

Brittney Grady | Head Counselor, New Horizons Learning Center


"Our students really got a lot out of his presentation...you can tell!"

Dr. Cheryl Evans | President Northern Oklahoma College


 "Willie can entertain, motivate, and teach important messages that young and old need to learn or be reminded.  It is great to laugh and learn about life and at the same time.  It was impressive to see him connect with our students and to see how engaged they were during the presentation.  Having Willie on campus was definitely worth the time and investment.  I recommend you invite him too!" 

Charlie Ward | Heisman Trophy Winner and Former NBA Player


"He is one of the best speakers, coaches and people I know! Funny dude!"

Dr. Dustin Smith | Director of Athletics | University of Arkansas at Ft. Smith


"We paid for two days of The Willie Spears Experience.  In those two days I witnessed Willie 'knock it out the park' every time he stepped up to the plate!  He spoke to every athlete at the university, teachers at local high schools, two student rallies, several Fellowship of Christian Athlete groups, and a local church.  He will be back." 

Taylor Sakata | Augusta, Georgia


"It wasn't Willie Spears I heard speaking tonight.  That my brothers and sisters was God!"   

Northern Oklahoma College Students and Staff


"Awesome, Dynamic, Cool, and Legit"

These are words students used to describe their experience with Willie Spears at NOC.  "Can he come back?"  Is the question asked by faculty, student affairs staff, and coaches.

Betty Ojaye | Executive Director Navajo Preparatory School | Farmington, New Mexico


"We brought The Willie Spears Experience to our back-to-school orientation for staff and it did wonders.  The faculty and staff are soaring like Eagles!  We are living up to our mascot!   "

Les Steckel, President and CEO | Fellowship of Christian Athletes | Kansas City, Missouri


"Willie has a tremendous gift of speaking!"

Anthony Brock | Founder and Headmaster | Valiant Cross Academy | Montgomery, Alabama


"Willie has a unique gift of captivating an audience.  He has motivated our scholars and inspired me as an educator!"

Eric Schoolcraft | Oklahoma High School Student


 "I would like to thank The Willie Spears Experience for coming and visiting my school again.  It is always a pleasure to have you come and speak to us." 

Lyndsey Willis | Augusta, Georgia


 "Willie Spears was probably hands down, the BEST speaker I have ever heard!  It is so amazing how God speaks through people."

Greg Wilson | Multi-Area Director | Fellowship of Christian Athletes | Georgia


"We are 20 minutes into Willie Spears's sermon and you can hear a pin drop!  God's here and He's using Willie."

Steve Wilmer | Owner, Steve Speaks | Pensacola, Florida


"Not too many people inspire me...Willie Spears absolutely does. Thank you sir!"  

Mayor Trevor Thain | Whitecourt, Canada


"Our town is still talking about Willie's message.  I was supposed to address the audience and leave for another engagement.  As I was greeting people on my way out, Willie's words compelled me to sit back down and listen.  Boy am I glad I did! Outstanding!"

Garin Higgins | Head Football Coach, Emporia State | Emporia, Kansas


"We brought Willie in to address our team and it was as if he knew exactly what we needed to hear.  We used his quotes, words, and analogies throughout the season.  He is a big reason we had one of the best seasons in school history."

Nairobi Harrison | Camp TEAM JESUS | Hawaii


"I was on the committee of our TEAM JESUS summer camp.  When they asked for suggestions for a speaker I suggested Willie.  He did not disappoint.  We will ask him to come back every year."

Dave Gittings | Campus Ministry Director | Virginia Tech


"I have had Willie to speak at different functions and he always does well."

Chandra Tyson | Principal | Panama City, FL


"He is back by popular demand!  He is the only visitor that students request a return visit.  They really identify with him.  He connects well with students."

Dr. Rene Henry | Middle School Principal | Utah


"I was so inspired by your speech.  That is exactly what my faculty needed!"

Pastor Gary L. Hinkle, Sr. | St. James Missionary Baptist Church | Fort Smith, Arkansas


"Minister Spears you stepped on all of our toes this morning.  Thank you for letting God use you!"

Taylor Cline | Blackwell, Oklahoma


 "Shout out to The Willie Spears Experience!  Feeling motivated to do better." 

Dr. C. NeCoya Thomas | Teacher | Georgia


 "We used Mr. Spears's resources in our classroom.  He has a way of connecting with young people." 

Tim Albin | Ohio University


"I have heard several motivational speakers.  Willie is my favorite. Hands down!"

Karen Smith | Elementary School Principal | Arizona


"Wonderful job!  I totally agree with the importance of building relationships!"

Chelsea Grande | Director of Community Services | Saskatchewan, Canada


 "We brought Willie in for our professional development training.  Our staff has never used the words 'fun and exciting' to describe an in-service speaker.  I asked them was it just fun our did they learn anything.  They responded with acronyms, stories, and analogies they learned from Willie.  He hit a home-run!"