twse @ girard middle school february 23, 2018

Girard Middle School hosted a Black History Program

          Guest Speaker, Willie Spears   **   Guest Rapper, DeMeria Lightfoot                                       Guest Singer, Crystal Taylor     

Students said they really enjoyed the presentation and they shared  their plan for life. They said they will be:




Stephen A: Welcome to The Willie Spears Experience

Willie Spears on ESPN First Take Your Take

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Pep Talks with willie

Pep Talks with Willie

PTW will inspire, inform, and encourage your group or organization. This presentation is geared toward business during their normal scheduled staff meetings or working lunch. Willie's research team will examine your organization and sit down with your leader to create a tailored presentation specifically for your organizational needs. This is a training workshop and motivational seminar.  

(For Panama City, FL and Montgomery, AL businesses)

upcoming events

March 2018-- First Baptist Church of New Warrington

Warrington, Florida

April 2018-- Myrtle Grove Baptist Church

Myrtle Grove, Florida

April 2018-- Highland Gardens Elementary School

Montgomery, Alabama

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