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Why Me?

February 19 2020

Whenever something good happens to people I never hear them ask, “Why me?” Could you imagine someone getting a raise and saying, “Why me?” Imagine a top artist or athlete getting a million-dollar contract and questioning why they were the recipient?

On the other hand, we often ask the question “Why Me?” when things don’t go our way.

When we get bad news, have bad luck or things don’t go our way we often ask, “Why Me?” However, when we experience good luck, or receive great news we don’t ask “Why Me?”

For fourteen years we thought our daughter was 100% healthy. We later found out she has juvenile diabetes.

She can’t drink sweet tea, she must give herself a shot three to five times a day, and she must have her medicine with her at all times. It is very easy for me to say, “Why Me?” Why does my child have to live this abnormal life and deal with this sickness?

Or I could think of the many parents who have lost their children, or the young people who can’t walk, run or play sports.

Things could be better for sure, but they could be so much worse. I can’t control the situation, but I can control how I respond.

I get to choose my perspective. Is the glass half empty or half full? If the meteorologist says there is a 60% chance of rain, I can view that as a 40% chance of sunshine.

Eighteen months after our daughter was diagnosed with a disease that the doctors can’t pinpoint or tell us exactly how it is caused, our son starts complaining about stomach issues.

After months of home remedies and layman suggestions tests reveal he may have a severe sickness as well.

Not life threatening, but definitely life altering. Why Me?

Why are both of my children dealing with health issues? Did my wife and I do something wrong? Are we being punished? Are we bad parents?

I could say, “Why not me?” Our family was chosen to champion this so others can see how strong our faith is through adversity.

When my daughter was recognized as one of the top middle school writers in the state I did not ask, “Why Me?” When both children were accepted into top schools I did not ask, “Why Me?”

When my daughter received a letter from a division one school to attend an invite only volleyball showcase, I didn’t ask, “Why Me?” When I receive a raise, a promotion, an award or a compliment I have never asked “Why Me?”

But, when things don’t go my way, I may ask this two-word question.

Last week while trying to get a tag for my car I had an unfortunate encounter with the Florida Highway Patrol. Four officers rushed me in the Florida Highway Patrol office and threatened to arrest me.

I had not broken the law and I had not caused any issues. One officer cursed at me more than once, screamed at me, and treated me like I was a criminal.

When I talked to his supervisor, who was very helpful and professional, he told me an officer was killed a few days ago and may have put this officer on edge.

The issue started when I used a plaque on the wall to remind a clerk of The Florida Highway Patrol’s core values.

The rude women didn’t know I knew their mission statement and core values. She didn’t know that four years ago I was asked to speak at the Florida Highway Patrol annual conference, she didn’t know I was a professional not a thug. She only knew she was in charge and I needed her help. Her supervisor later apologized, but I found myself asking…

“Why Me?”

We often can’t control a situation, but we can control how we respond.

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