Willie Spears on PJ Davis's Shave Heads, Not Points Podcast

 TWSE's Willie Spears made a vocal appearance on PJ Davis's Shave Heads, Not Points podcast. In PJ's words, "Willie will get you fired up to go do the dishes after you hear him speak, because he is that good!" 



Spears Makes His Point is a collection of weekly articles mostly written by author Willie Spears. While serving as head football coach at Bullock County High School in Union Spring, Alabama Spears wrote a weekly motivational article on a wide range of topics for the local newspaper The Union Spring Herald.

Coach Spears has a unique perspective and a peculiar way of articulating his views. In this book you will read about his great grandfather who was the first man of color to settle in Spears’ home town of Panama City, Florida.

You will read about his views on current events, religion, politics, and learn from his mistakes as a minister, teacher, father, husband, coach, administrator and small business owner.

His goal is to add value to others. Spears Makes His Point is a collaboration of books read, lessons learned and proven methods.


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 The Culture and Climate of your organization will determine your destiny as a company, school, church or team. Culture doesn't just happen. You are either teaching it or allowing it. Do you have a culture rubric in place? How do you measure your climate? What gets measured gets done. Research-based and solution-biased, this landmark book outlines practical strategies to help you exceed your own expectations. Willie uses real examples, diagrams and tools from his life as an educator, coach, minister and small business owner to help you create your desired culture.


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